Removing installed applications is often done to remove applications that are deemed unnecessary. Removing them frees up space on device storage, and if they were set to run automatically, device RAM as well.

How To Remove Installed Applications

Using Sachesi

  1. Open Sachesi with your device connected via USB.
  2. Go to the 'Install' tab and ensure it connects.
  3. Tick the applications you want to install and then click the trash can icon.

Using PlayBook Application Manager (Chrome plugin)

  1. Put device in Development Mode and connect with the Chrome plugin.
  2. Once the list of applications is presented, tick the application you want to remove and click the Uninstall button.

Note, applications can only be uninstalled one at a time using the Chrome plugin.

Removing The Permanent Flag

Some apps are marked as permanent, so they cannot be deleted at first. In order to get rid of them, reload the app's .bar file. The .bar file can be extracted from an autoloader, or downloaded separately if it is available as part of an upgrade .bar set. As an example, sys.uri.bbhub is marked as permanent, but loading the allows one to delete sys.uri.bbhub from their device.

What Not To Remove

  • sys.airtunes (the Music player)
  • (the Android player)
  • sys.browser
  • (Time Zone information)
  • sys.invokeTargetSelection (triggers the Share function)
  • sys.phone_settings
  • sys.pim.attachments.card
  • sys.pim.calendar.viewer.eventcreate
  • sys.pim.calendar.viewer.ics
  • sys.pim.calendar.viewer.nav
  • sys.pim.calendar
  • sys.pim.contacts
  • sys.pim.messages
  • sys.pim.remember
  • sys.settings.accounts
  • sys.settings
  • sys.settings2
  • sys.simtoolkit_ui_app
  • sys.smartcalling
  • sys.smartcard
  • sys.smarttags
  • sys.sysmon
  • sys.voicemailcompose
  • sys.voicemailsetup
  • sys.wifisendcard
  • sys.zbbiocm

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